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Professional Data Recovery

Data Recovery Nederland offers professional data recovery in case of data loss.

Since 2006, DRN recovers data from all media, brands and operating systems. With a 95% success rate, you will soon be able to access and use your data again!

Diagnosis from € 0, -    Recovery from € 99,-
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Data loss? Do not panic.

Do you no longer have access to your data? Do not panic. DRN has qualified engineers who will restore your valuable data. We recover data with a 95% success rate.

We recover data from:

PC, laptop, iMac, Macbook External hard drives, Time Machines RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 etc. IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB

If you suspect data loss: STOP AND DISCONTINUE ALL ACTIONS. Write down your last actions. This may be of importance to the data recovery team. Do NOT attempt to make changes to the data or to the drive itself. This could prevent the possibility of data loss.

DRN has

recovered 4,15 petabyte

among which


+ 600.000.000


+ 70.000.000


+ 360.000.000

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